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Shred One’s “Covers for Cuerators”

We got to chop it up a bit with our homie and hero, SHRED ONE. For those of you who may not know of her, SHRED is an accomplished DJ who is in Sweater Funk and Vocalo DJ Collective. She is mainly known across the country for her smooth and crushing techniques on the wheels of steel but recently, her and her husband have started a record label (Cherries Records) which has put out solid releases that have become crucial 45s in collections around the world…
Shred OneCuerators: If you were going to spin in front of a stadium full of people, which record would you start off with?
Shred: “We’re Almost There” by the Jackson 5, but the DJ SPINNA remix….then mix in some hard ass drums and make all their heads nod!
I’m not sure that many people know this but, you and Meaty Ogre sell records…have you always sold records or is that something that you two started together?
Meaty’s been selling records for like 15 years, and I came aboard when I moved to Chicago two and a half years ago. It was definitely a challenge for me because it really requires a tremendous amount of a specific knowledge that you can really only learn and experience by being in that game for a long time. Also, Meaty was so used to working by himself and wasn’t used to my organized OCD work-style. All his piles of records drove me crazy! But we have a great system now… thanks to me! :)
Do you guys go around and buying up collections?
Yeah we do, but we also love driving all over the city to places where I can find clothes to buy and sell (my side hustle). We have our scheduled digging trips that we do every week. It’s also our quality time because we get to do what we both love, together.
Has that put you in places where you should be wearing boots and respirators?
I went with Meaty to one place that was so gnarly. It was filled with so much dust and mold, but it had like 50,000 45s. It took about 3 trips to go through the whole spot, but he wouldn’t let me go back with him (chivalry i guess?)!
Ha ha ha…maybe it was too hot? You each have your own record collections, right? Are there cuts you hold back from each other? Like, “He (she) ain’t ready for this one”.
Yes, we have our own record collections and we keep them separate. I feel that I have my own personal relationship with my own records…I found them/they found me kinda thing. We don’t hold anything back from each other, but I wouldn’t feel right playing his records. But I do have to say that I know he buys cuts that he hears me play on, but on 45 so he doesn’t seem like he’s biting…yeah I said it! haha :)
How did you and Meaty come about naming your record label ‘Cherries’?
We met ‘picking’ records, we ‘pick’ records for work, and we ‘pick’ records for fun. We see our records as cherries, and they bring the sweetness to our lives. (*cue the awwwwwwwwww or vomit noises*)
One of your releases recently made a list in Europe, right? Which one?
“Love Is Gonna Let You Down b/w Not A Moment Too Soon” by Benjamin made Juno’s Top 25 list. That was a great day. It made us realize that people are actually listening to the music we believe in….overseas at least :).
How do you guys go about selecting artists to release on the labels? What are you guys listening for? Is there a specific sound you guys go for?
Our mission statement says that ‘we are devoted to releasing a fresh alternative in modern funk & r&b music’. We really emphasize the ‘alternative’ because we know that many different genres of music can be funky and soulful, and music is constantly changing and progressing. We do not want to limit ourselves to any particular genre or sound, but it has to give us a feeling…soulful, funky, and raw. Meaty and I made a pact when we started this label that we would never release anything that we both didn’t love and really believe in. There have been many times where I thought something was really really dope, and he gave it the gas face…and vice-versa. But when we hear something and we both look at each other and say “that’s the one”…that’s the one! I respect his taste in music, as he does mine, and we are very confident in the music we want to put out and share with the rest of the world.


Broadcasting from Cherries HQ, ‘Covers for Cuerators’ by SHRED ONE:
  • Babyface- Whip Appeal (by Fingers)
  • Earth Wind & Fire- Love’s Holiday (by Mint Condition)
  • Depeche Mode- Everything Counts (by DMK)
  • Lauryn HIll – Ex-Factor (by Quadron)
  • Amy Winehouse- Love Is A Losing Game (by AAries)
  • Prince- Computer Blue (by Portland School of Rock)
  • Luther Vandross- Love Won’t Let Me Wait (by Jamie Foxx)
  • Erykah Badu -Window Seat (by Familiar Faces GoGo Band)
  • Outkast- Spottiedottiedopalicious (by Hypnotic Brass Ensemble)
  • Bjork- Joga (by PS 22 Chorus)
  • Patti Labelle- If You Only Knew (by Coco of SWV)
  • Frank Ocean- Thinkin Bout You (by Yuna)
  • Michael Jackson- I Can’t Help It- (by DJ Day & Exile)
  • Alicia Keys- If I Don’t Have You (by Amy Winehouse)

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