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MILES BONNY – AINT NO SUNSHINE (Bill Withers Cover) is proud to present Miles Bonny’s cover of Bill Withers’ timeless song, Ain’t No Sunshine. Interestingly enough, it just started pouring rain here in Chicago (where Miles currently has a couple of gigs). We don’t get this type of storm often, it reminds us of tropical storms that one would see on a September day in Japan.

From Miles:

” Artist and art supporter Stephanie Greene commissioned me to record this cover. She was interested in a modern version of the song. I contacted up and coming producer DCPLX to create the instrumental and I added vocals and horns in my new solar studio in New Mexico. It is accurate to say that 100% of the vocals and horns were recorded with the power of the sun via one solar panel.”

It’s a wonderful thing to support someone that creates. We wish more people would go and say, buy a painting versus a mass produced poster. So when Miles told us about what had happened, we were instantly in love with the woman that did this and were interested to hear why she did it. Miles asked her for us and:

“I imagined how it would sound with your horn and a hip hop flavor…and your breathy voice. Oddly, it is apropos that you’re in Chicago now. I buy a work of art every year for a special anniversary, a tradition I started my last year in Chicago. Typically, I buy a painting or an etching. I did not want to acquire any more “stuff” and this seemed like a nice way to support an artist. Plus, the money I spent would produce a piece that others could enjoy as well.”

Enjoy they will, Stephanie. We’d like to be the first to say thanks. Thank you.

(Psst…he you, DJ…yeah you! Here’s a link for you to cop this joint and rock it tonight: