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Mike Fabulous (Lord Echo) – Wang East (Instrumental)

Thanks for the link Dj Day!

From a Mike Fab interview:

” 3. What inspired you to make the tune?  What made you want to release on vinyl?

I started collecting records when I was a teenager and I just love the format for all the usual reasons. It’s been a long held dream of mine to make them myself, and really that’s all I want to do. The A-side is an old tune of mine, from memory the original inspiration was hearing ‘Oboe’ by Jackie Mittoo for the first time. I wrote it on Toby Laing’s Wurlitzer at the old Cable Street studio’s. He just called me from Portugal! The B side I wrote in Dunedin, trying to find that elusive meeting point where reggae and disco collide in a pleasant fashion. ”

And, although its pretty pricey, its still yours to be had: