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King Hippo on ‘Chicago is the World’ WHPK 88.5FM 12/11/12

Big ups Victor Duarte for recording the show!

King Hippo on ‘Chicago is the World’ WHPK 88.5FM 12/11/12 by Cuerators on Mixcloud

Lovely people of the internets, we’ve opened a mixcloud account to archive past shows. Please find them here:

King Hippo was in the studio by his lonesome this week so let’s call this show, ‘El Hippo Solo’. Twitter has been so excited by Shuggie touring that he decided to play a quintessential Shuggie track and ended up busting out some dusties after that. Hope you enjoy! :


Diggs Duke- Vein Melter/Hidden Shadows- USA
Shuggie Otis- Inspiration Information- USA
Azimuth- Morning- Brazil
Demon Fuzz- Disillusioned Man- UK
Disco Blaze- Come Show Me the Way- Nigeria
PSA ‘Best Bargain’
Kevin Bacon From Footloose- Yesteryear- Japan
Stanley Bloom- Oscillation 777- France
Buddy Sativa- Una Peripecia- France
S.Raw- Easy- Sweden
A brief message from King Hippo
Kaah- Visa Sej (Sum Comfort Belo Horizonte Remix)- Sweden
Freddie Joachim- Shoulder Kiss- USA
PSA ‘A Role to Play’
Kevin Bacon From Footloose- Left Alone- Japan
Another brief message from King Hippo
Miles Bonny- Sing Your Song- USA
Comfort Fit- Freeze the Cut (Opolopo’s Emotional Draft Remix)- Sweden
Sasac- From Telemark to the Alhambra- Sweden