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King Hippo & Angelina Hippo on ‘Chicago is the World’ WHPK 88.5FM 01/01/13 (PM Show)

King Hippo and His Niece on ‘Chicago is the World’ WHPK 88.5FM 01/01/13 (PM Show) by Cuerators on Mixcloud

Artist/ Title/ Country
Madlib/ Untitled/ USA
Habitual Parking Violators/ One to Twelve/ UK
Kova&Miles/ Clap Clap/ Germany&USA
Rip One/ Another Burton/ USA
Mark Hype&Jim Dunloop/ Supastars/ Germany
DJ Mitsu the Beats/ Untitled No.9/ Japan
Tall Black Guy/ Talk Together/ UK
Binario/ Quantao (Daz-I-Kue Re Edit)/ Brazil
Banda Los Hijos de la Nina Luz/ Dejala Corre/ Colombia
Ocote Soul Sounds&Adrian Quesada/ Vendendo Saude E Fe/ USA
Heat Exchange/ Shake Down/ UK
Surprise/ Could You Be the One/ Italy
Clout/ Sunshine Baby/ South Africa
Two Man Sound/ Que Tal America/ Belgium
Azimuth/ Seems Like This/ Brazil
DJ Day/ Lucien/ USA

This was a fun show, between tracks I interviewed my 11 year old niece, Angelina. I feel that having her in the studio uplifted my spirit and it reflects in the uptempo selection. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did. Peace!