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Jay Dee -Track 05 (Another Batch)

With Dil, I always look for the most soulful cuts (which is easy since he poured so much of it over each donut) or the cuts with the heaviest drums. I remember being in Jazzy Sport the day Dil passed on and everyone was fucking bummed out. His beats really inspired a lot of thought in my artwork and put an extra bounce in my step anywhere I was in the world and most importantly, it linked me with people all over the world. Jay Dee’s beats were and are the soundtrack (to use a cliche way of saying it) for a subculture of a subculture. You can always trust a person that likes Jay Dee. The first time I heard D Moon spin, he played a few cuts that made me look up and send silent respect but, when he threw ‘Let the Dollar Circulate’ (while it was still new) I had to introduce myself. All these years later, he is in Atlanta and I am in Chicago and we started Cuerators. All thanks to Dil. Rest in peace, James.