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Cuerators Radio #8

King Hippo’s ‘Time is a Boat and the Earth is a Cake’

“Savitr ( Sanskritstem savitr-nominative singular savitā) is a solar deity in the Rigveda, and one of the Adityas i.e. off-spring of Vedic deity Aditi. His name in Vedic Sanskrit connotes “impeller, rouser, vivifier”. He is sometimes identified, and at other times distinguished from Surya ”the Sun”. When considered distinct from the Sun proper, he is conceived of as the divine influence or vivifying power of the Sun. The Sun before sunrise is called Savitr, and after sunrise until sunset it is called Surya.” - Wikipedia

The sun before sunrise and a complex letter of love. King Hippo broadcasting from Dream Tower, ‘Time is a Boat and the Earth is a Cake’:


  • Sabu Martinez – the Distorted Sioux Indian
  • Moondog – Up Broadway
  • Moondog – Single Foot
  • James Pants – Shower Party
  • Idris Muhammad – Camby Bolongo
  • Brother Jack McDuff – the Shadow of Your Smile
  • Twinings Specialty Teas
  • Yusef Lateef – First Gymnopedie
  • Brigitte Fontaine & the Art Ensemble of Chicago – Le Goudron
  • the Art Ensemble of Chicago – Theme de Yoyo
  • Jack McDuff – the City Bump
  • Nintendo Entertainment System’s Power Glove
  • Jack McDuff – Magnetic Feel
  • Lonnie Liston Smith – Summer Nights
  • Charles Earland – Intergalactic Love Song
  • Build an Ark – Sunshine
  • Calvin Keys – Shawn Neeq
  • Ahmad Jamal – Gypsies in the Wind
  • Ahmad Jamal – the Awakening
  • NesCafe coffee