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Hello, music fans…

Today marks a small milestone for us, as surpassed the 1000 post mark. A mark that we’ve reached in a little over 9 month’s time. Since we started, we’ve gone from two music fans informally trading links with each other, to two music fans reaching over 3,000 folks with our track selections on our website. During this time we’ve assembled a nice catalogue of rare grooves and musical gems from all genres that are all a click away for you to discover. We’ve also posted several exclusives, and esoteric mixes by some of the world’s best and up-and-coming DJ’s and producers.

In the coming months we’ll be making some upgrades to our site to enhance your experience while using, and we’ll also be rolling out a mobile app so that you can keep track of our selections while you’re on the move. To top things off, you can expect more top notch musical selections, live events, exclusive releases, and contributed mixes. So, if you haven’t checked out our site in a while, be sure to come visit us…and of course feel free to bookmark us, or share our link with your friends.

Thank you everyone for checking out our first 1000 selections, and continue to listen as we bring you the next 1000 selections! Big things are coming.

-d.Moon & King Hippo

DJ frank (voodoofunk)

When we grow up we want to be like DJ frank (voodoofunk).