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Thursday, July 3, 2014 - 5:00pm

We first heard of the RAWS concept while surfing the web for tracks for our site back in 2012. It immediately hit us as being a dope idea just from reading about it on their site and blew us away when we actually heard how much talent was on the 6 track release. It introduced us to the next generation of producers coming from our beloved Japan and solidified their country as a source of music people should keep their ear on.

Every now and again, we'd see another release come out and we were determined to figure out a way to get out there for one so we could witness and feel this vibe in person but, sadly, they stopped doing them. We reached out to the creators of RAWS ( Peace, OGIYY and PIGEONDUST! ) about bringing the concept to Chicago and after several attempts at organizing one, we finally got all of the pieces right and it grew into something that was more spectacular than we could have dreamed of. First of all, our brothers at Grown Kids Radio fell in love with the concept as much as we did and since we were talking about doing a twin-city party at some point anyway, we decided to make it happen for RAWS.We thought it would be super cool to highlight our city's best producers and bands and to release the result of each party. We started with Chicago and were completely honored to have the Junius Paul Trio  be muse for the night. There is no shortage of incredible producers in Chicago and we were lucky enough to have the very best come by to chop, flip and bang it out for the people at the Whistler (which, as some of you may or may not know, is one of the US' best bars). The beatheads that signed up to represent Chicago were: Raj MahalRadiusCŌS, and Phraim .

We weren't sure about how the concept would be received; naturally, we were super geeked about it because, well...we're geeks. The Whistler was as packed as it could be all night and it was amazingly energetic due to the incredible vibes all the talent poured out. Chicago hasn't been so thoroughly beautiful in years and it was so great to be a part of the evening. It was delightful to see the excitement in the producer's faces while the Junius Paul Trio rocked the Whistler... and incredible to feel the waves of shouts and energy come off of the crowd and the band when each producer played what they made right there on the spot. We regret that we'll never know how the RAWS parties were in Japan in person but, you can be sure we'll never forget RAWS:CHICAGO.

Here are some photos of the evening, but for the full set, visit our brother's (and honorary cuerator ) site. ...and to hear what the night sounded like, STAY TUNED. ( But here's a little sneak peek courtesy of the homie, Uncle EL. )

The Junius Paul Trio are:

Junius Paul - Bass

Justefan - Vibes

Justin Boyd - Drums


GKR x cuerators x RAWS continues ...

Original description of the party:

RAWS is an intimate party held in a small club in Tokyo, where underground beatheads unite. After a live performance by a jazz band which gets recorded, the beatmakers have an hour to chop up the freshly recorded sample, flip it, and make a beat right there on the spot. San Francisco's Grown Kids Radio and Chicago's own are proud to present RAWS:CHICAGO, the first of two US installments of the RAWS concept, with DJs BMajic and King Hippo, jazz band the Junius Paul Trio, and beatheads Raj Mahal, Radius, CŌS, and Phraim. All of this and mean cocktails. FREE// 7pm - 2am //

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