Cuerators events featuring Merk1

Sunday, September 1, 2013 - 3:00pm

We kept plans for this party secret, announcing it just the day before it went down. We started early and there was a line to get in the entire time. Why? Did you read the line up?!

First of all, there was a live performance by Greg B of 2Morrows Victory (UK) and a Miles Bonny DJ set that turned into a live performance. Typically, that would be enough for a show but, since it was King Hippo’s birthday, we went all out and asked some of Chicago’s best DJs to come play anything they wanted to. Itzi Nallah, of the mighty FEx, opened up with a slick, beat-heavy, set paving the way for Greg B of 2Morrows Victory. We first heard about 2Morrows Victory from LeFtO and Gilles Peterson and were very honored to have Greg B come out and perform live.  MERK1, of the Dirty30, and Solson both broke off all-vinyl sets to keep things grooving as they normally do in various venues and parties around Chicago. They set the stage for what was supposed to be a DJ set by Miles Bonny. Miles played some funky beat sh*t for us and then to everyone’s surprise and delight, started to sing and play his flugelhorn. To snap everyone out of the entranced state that Miles put them in, Itzi Nallah came back on and, well, crushed the Whistler. To end the evening Mass Transit, of Style Matters, sent everyone home with a song in their heart and a smile on their face. We can't thank everyone that took part in the night enough, the creativity and positivity that night was potent and we love you for it. 


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