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About Cuerators

DJs d.Moon and King Hippo wanted to set up a virtual environment that’s like going to a fine restaurant, where the chefs care an incredible amount for the food or, like a gallery where a curator has very thoughtfully assembled ideas together for the viewer to take in and think about.

Chef Ferran Adria said of his restaurant, elBulli, “Going to eat in an avant-garde restaurant gives you something like a creative emotion. It’s not just about “Mmm, tastes good”, you feel something. You think, “Killer”!…After four hours when you’re almost at the end of the menu, the more bewilderment the better”.

We feel the same way about music; a certain amount of magic should exist. By bedazzling, we would like to help people see how deep one can go. We’ve decided to open this gallery of sounds for people to come in and enjoy at their leisure. We’ve decided to open a restaurant where one can find the proper nourishment for their spirits through recipes prepared by masters all around the world.

In the future we will have ‘exhibitions’ focused on one artist or theme, as well as posting exclusive material by some of our favorite artists.

Alejandro Ayala

King Hippo

Better known as: King Hippo

King Hippo’s Soundcloud page
@alexayala78 on Twitter

Why is there a need for Cuerators?

The way artists are putting music out is changing so much these days and there is a struggle for many. I thought it would be cool to highlight music that I think people should know about and support.  Hopefully we can be a resource for people, a place to find excellent new music. Also, it would be nice to be a place that blows the dust off of some old goodies.

What does music do for you?

Music is a lot of things to me. Its another way to enjoy the labors and expressions of artists, it’s community building, it’s a language understood regardless of country or century.

List some places where you have DJed?

I’ve played in various spots in Tokyo like Super Deluxe and Combine. Since I’m from Chicago, I’ve been lucky to test so many sound systems from Danny’s to Rodan to Red Kiva to Darkroom to Simone’s to record stores to house parties to galleries…all sorts of places from the North-Side to the South-Side!

Derek Moon

dMoon Aliases: d.Moon, A Dude Called Moon

D’s Soundcloud page
@mrdmoon on Twitter

How did Cuerators come to be?

I remember sitting in my apartment in Cape Verde, where I was living and working for a couple of years. King Hippo and I used to just trade links to grooves back and forth on gChat. He was keeping me on top of what was happening back stateside, and I was sharing with him some things I was finding while living abroad….Not that that was much different than what we always did when I was living in Chicago – we used to share links to music all day. But it was about the time that we had the realization that we should probably share our growing list of grooves with the rest of the folks who were interested. Fast forward a couple days from there, and we were rocking.

How did you get involved with DJing & Music Production?

I first got into DJing back like freshman year of college where I hosted a radio show on WMUC (College Park, Md.). That led to me DJing a ton of parties, and events around that area – and also led me to build some relationships with several MC’s which ultimately got me into the production side of things. Living in Chicago, is where I met up with Scott Freebass and did most of my production work under the Soundprophets label.

Where have you DJed?

After college I moved to Chicago where I’ve been able to play in quite a few places. Subterranean, Darkroom, Beat Kitchen, Silver Room, Coles (to name a few), and also a bunch of parties and galleries. While living in Cape Verde I had weekly residencies at Zion and Kebra Kabana.

Photography by VICTOR DUARTE

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